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Media 2020-05-22T21:00:00Z
2019 Digital Trust Enterprise Edge Report_4x3

Get a sneak peek into the most trusted social media platforms of 2019

Get a peek into our Digital Trust Rankings by downloading a FREE preview of our 2019 Digital Trust Enterprise Edge Report!
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-22T19:36:23Z
Allison Johnson PayPal

PayPal parts ways with CMO and former Apple executive Allison Johnson after 18 months

The fintech company said her departure was part of an effort to restructure a marketing organization that was a series of regional hubs.
Media 2020-05-22T16:19:07Z
john henry movie

The top 9 movies on Netflix this week, from 'John Henry' to 'Public Enemies'

Netflix subscribers are also watching the new original movie "The Wrong Missy," starring David Spade.
Politics 2020-05-22T16:17:55Z

Trump, who has implied that John McCain and John Dingell might be in hell, says he hopes Roger Ailes is in heaven and watching Fox News

"Hope Roger A is looking down and watching what has happened to this once beautiful creation!," Trump tweeted of Fox News.
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-22T15:47:00Z

CEOs of the biggest ad holding companies including Omnicom and Dentsu say offices will reopen slowly and staffers won't be required to come back

WPP, Omnicom, Publicis, IPG, Dentsu, and MDC Partners plan to move slowly, with some taking a phased approach.
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-22T15:35:00Z

How a consulting firm that's worked for Disney and Google repurposed its consumer research to help test people for COVID-19

LRW Group collaborated with LA County and USC to develop tests showing the virus was far more common — and less lethal — than thought.
Advertising 2020-05-22T15:33:00Z

How the pandemic is impacting the advertising business as sports TV viewing evaporates, events are cancelled, and people cut back on spending

Business Insider breaks down how the pandemic is impacting advertising, from events cancellations to layoffs and furloughs.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-22T14:57:00Z

Here's how comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan became the world's highest-paid podcaster

The wildly popular "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast is moving to Spotify in a reported $100 million deal.
Media 2020-05-22T14:24:00Z

Twitter is testing a new feature that lets users limit or disable replies

Twitter is testing a new feature to limit or disable replies –– its second move aimed at giving users more control over replies to their tweets.
Media 2020-05-22T14:00:00Z

Connected TV Trends 2020 Roundup

Advertiser investment in connected TV is ramping up quickly as more inventory becomes available, with YouTube, Hulu and Roku dominating the landscape.
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-22T12:41:00Z

The Atlantic is seeing surging subscriptions and has a billionaire backer, yet it's still cutting 17% of staff. Here's what it means, and what it doesn't.

Its recent subscription gains weren't enough to offset declines in advertising and live events revenue, but not all media outlets are doomed.
Media 2020-05-22T12:00:00Z

Apple TV Plus' 'Defending Jacob' is a hit, but data suggests the service's subscriber growth has been sluggish recently

Demand for Apple TV Plus originals is high during the coronavirus pandemic, but subscriber growth is slow compared to other services.
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-22T12:00:00Z

16 ad buyers identified the media companies that are poised to gain and lose the most as the pandemic upends advertising spending

Coronavirus has sped up trends like the rise of OTT, publisher consolidation, and Amazon's growing ad business.
Media 2020-05-22T10:00:00Z

THE RISE OF AMAZON ADVERTISING: This is exactly what Amazon is doing to siphon billions of ad dollars from Google and Facebook and why brands love it

Business Insider Intelligence examines how Amazon's ad business is growing, and how it could take share from the Google-Facebook duopoly.
Media 2020-05-22T06:01:00Z

THE SVOD SHAKEOUT REPORT: A massive media shakeout is on the horizon — here are the key trends, players, and how we think it will play out

This report predicts how major services will fare in the streaming wars, including Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.
Media 2020-05-21T23:57:00Z

THE CONTENT MODERATION REPORT: Social platforms are facing a massive content crisis — here's why we think regulation is coming and what it will look like

This report analyzes a pressing issue currently facing social platforms — content moderation — and lays out how we expect the debate to evolve.
Media 2020-05-21T20:03:00Z

The Stories Slide Deck: How Stories stack up across social platforms

Business Insider Intelligence has compiled a slide deck that looks into how Stories work on Instagram and Snapchat, and how brands and publishers should be using the Stories feature to reach their audiences.
BI Prime Media 2020-05-21T19:12:50Z

22% of influencers are lowering their sponsored content prices as advertiser demand shrinks, according to a new survey of 515 creators

Influencers are dropping their prices as fewer brands activate campaigns during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey of 515 creators.
Media 2020-05-21T16:17:00Z

How the coronavirus is changing the influencer business, according to marketers and top Instagram and YouTube stars

Business Insider spoke to influencer-marketing professionals across the industry to learn how they're adjusting during the coronavirus pandemic.
Media 2020-05-21T16:05:28Z

The 8 streaming TV shows gaining the most buzz this week, from Hulu's 'The Great' to DC's 'Stargirl'

DC's "Stargirl," Hulu's "The Great," and Netflix's "White Lines," from the creator of "Money Heist," are gaining momentum this week.
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-21T15:56:00Z

Online education startup MasterClass just raised $100 million. Its CMO reveals how the company is taking advantage of low TV ad rates to advertise to people at home during the pandemic.

MasterClass spent more on advertising in March and April 2020 than all of 2019, according to advertising intelligence company MediaRadar.
Media 2020-05-21T15:00:00Z

AI IN CONTENT MARKETING: How leading marketers are taking advantage of AI to accelerate content generation, better understand content performance, and refine content promotion

This report examines the current and potential role AI-based tools can play in enhancing an organization's content marketing efforts.
BI Prime Media 2020-05-21T14:59:00Z

A 15-year-old 'slime' influencer saw his sales and follower count soar after sending TikTok star Addison Rae samples of his homemade products

Slime creator Ricky Waite said his TikTok profile blew up after popular influencer Addison Easterling reviewed one of his slimes.
Media 2020-05-21T14:02:36Z

HBO Max's 'Justice League' Snyder cut raises more questions about fan-centric DC Universe's future

WarnerMedia has a streaming service dedicated to DC fans, but it's looking to build a Netflix rival and attract potential subscribers.
Media 2020-05-21T13:54:00Z

The pandemic will fuel an acceleration in time spent with subscription OTT services

The average time spent with subscription OTT video content in the US will surpass 62 minutes per day this year, up 23.0% from 2019.
Media 2020-05-21T12:19:24Z

Exclusive: YouTube creator and competitive eater Matt Stonie has signed with talent management firm Night Media

Matt Stonie's content revolves around massive food challenges where he shows off his ability to consume huge amounts of food quickly.
Media 2020-05-21T12:17:16Z

YouTube manager secrets,?making 'slime' money on TikTok, and how much 1 million YouTube views is worth

This week's rundown includes how much YouTube creators make on a video with one million views and how much creators earn a month from the platform.
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-21T12:00:00Z

1-800-Flowers' revenue increased 12% in the last quarter. The company's CMO reveals how it's adapting its business and advertising as people send more flowers during the pandemic.

The company is taking advantage of low media prices by spending more on search marketing, mobile, and video advertising.
Insider Intelligence 2020-05-21T09:00:00Z

The latest mobile trends to know in 2020 including 5G technologies, privacy regulations, mobile & video advertising

People now spend more time on their phones than TVs - and businesses are taking notice. See the latest mobile trends covering technologies, regulations, advertising and what brands need to know.
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-20T22:26:39Z

Joe Rogan's blockbuster deal with Spotify is the streaming giant's biggest signal that it wants to dominate podcasting. Here's what it means for other show personalities and advertisers.

Podcasting execs and ad agencies see the deal as Spotify's biggest bet on podcasting and a precedent for how other platforms court big stars.
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-20T21:13:00Z

IAC's Dotdash has built a profitable business out of evergreen service content. Now it's setting its sights on selling products like paint and bedsheets.

The digital media company has benefited from having content and products that are well suited to life in lockdown.
Media 2020-05-20T18:09:22Z

Zack Snyder's 'Justice League' cut is coming to HBO Max

Fans have called for Warner Bros. to release Zack Snyder's director's cut of "Justice League" for more than two years.
BI Prime Media 2020-05-20T16:51:00Z

Meet the 20 most powerful leaders of Disney Plus, which faces an abrupt exec shake-up after surging to more than 54 million subscribers

This year will be defining for streaming service Disney Plus, which looks to be a must-have TV product with original series, movies, and classics.
Media 2020-05-20T15:41:04Z

YouTube talent managers share the biggest challenge they face in helping build an influencer's career

Managers say editing videos is the "biggest time suck" for a YouTube creator, but influencers are often hesitant on hiring someone new to take over.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-20T15:24:00Z

Meet TikTok's new CEO Kevin Mayer, the former Disney executive who's behind the explosive growth of Disney Plus and has the nickname 'Buzz Lightyear'

The 58-year-old executive had been seen as a possible successor to Bob Iger when the former Disney CEO stepped down earlier this year.
Media 2020-05-20T13:22:00Z

Samsung's programmatic push capitalizes on a bright spot in CTV advertising

Samsung will sell inventory programmatically across its 50 million smart TVs in the US –– capitalizing on the recent surge in household streaming.
Media 2020-05-20T13:01:00Z

These are 10 of the most impactful slides from Netflix's groundbreaking culture deck

BI Prime offers a look at 10 of the most impactful slides from the Netflix culture deck that break down its management and cultural philosophy.
BI Prime Media 2020-05-20T12:18:00Z

Why reality TV and unscripted shows have an advantage in the coming months as dramas, comedies, and other scripted series face major delays

Unscripted TV orders are up this year to fill gaps in the release schedule left by scripted shows delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
BI Prime Media 2020-05-20T12:10:00Z

YouTube managers reveal the secret details of their jobs working with influencers, from dealing with hackers and breakups to locating rare animals

We spoke to 5 talent managers who work with YouTube creators across the lifestyle, gaming, beauty, and fashion verticals.
Media 2020-05-20T11:00:00Z

The Brand Investment in Esports Report

Business Insider Intelligence details the explosive growth of Sports, and breaks down the different channels brands can take to reach esports fans.
Advertising 2020-05-19T20:03:07Z

From S4 to Edelman, ad industry chiefs see a chance to reset the playing field

While traditional ad agencies struggle in the pandemic, some competitors see an opportunity to seize share from them.
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-19T20:00:00Z

Edelman CEO explains how he plans to help the PR giant rebound after the pandemic slowed its effort to hit $1 billion in revenue

The firm said it plans to keep spending in areas like digital, creative, and data analytics to take business from ad agencies.
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-19T19:51:00Z

Newsletter company TheSkimm faces an uncertain future after dashed acquisition attempts, deep layoffs, and executive pay cuts

The news outlet has raised nearly $30 million over the years, but faces questions about how future-proof its mission is.
Media 2020-05-19T16:34:00Z

What Marketers Should Know About TikTok Ad Formats and a Roundup on Partnership News

This report discusses the growth of TikTok around the world and what marketers should know about the Chinese-owned short-video app.
Media 2020-05-19T16:15:00Z

Breaking down some of the biggest pandemic-driven shifts in consumer behavior

As the crisis leaves many fearing for their health and jobs, consumers are shifting time and money toward things with immediate utility in daily life.
Insider Intelligence 2020-05-19T15:01:00Z

The Top 5 Trends in Digital Media 2020

Learn how the maturation of social commerce, shifts in publisher revenue streams, and rise of connected TV will shake up the digital media industry.
BI Prime Media 2020-05-19T13:23:00Z

A Sony Music exec explains the label's TikTok strategy and how it responds when a song like 'Break My Stride' catches fire

Business Insider spoke to the marketing team at Sony Music's Legacy Recordings to learn about its strategy for promoting trending songs on TikTok.
BI Prime Enterprise 2020-05-19T12:33:00Z

Here's how producers on 'The Voice' used Microsoft products to produce the live singing show remotely when the coronavirus pandemic threatened to halt production mid-season

When shelter in place forced people to stay home, live TV show 'The Voice' turned to Microsoft tools to continue its production remotely.
Media 2020-05-19T12:29:01Z

Netflix, Disney Plus, and their rivals love TV reboots. Here are 14 notable streaming remakes and revivals ranked from worst to best by critics.

From "Fuller House" to "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," streamers have brought back beloved shows to beef up their TV libraries.
Media 2020-05-19T10:00:00Z

4 ways COVID-19 could impact digital media and marketing

This FREE report gives insight to how disruptions from the coronavirus will ripple throughout the business world, including the digital media space.
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