Air Force A-10 Warthog Thunderbolt helmet

How an A-10 Warthog pilot's helmet keeps them alive and on target

An A-10 pilot's HGU-55/P helmet gives them a central interface for everything from oxygen supply to communications to flight instruments.
Mexico Mi17 helicopter

The US could sanction Mexico if it buys helicopters from Russia, US official says

Under the 2017 CAATSA Act, the US has threatened to impose sanctions on countries that buy Russian military hardware.

The US Air Force has unconventional plans to win a war in the Asia-Pacific

The Pacific is a big and increasingly well-defended region, and the Air Force will have to change how it operates to win a potential fight there.

The Navy is punishing sailors for wearing patches with 'Make Aircrew Great Again' on them at a Trump speech

The patches, which riffed on Trump's campaign slogan, violated a Pentagon order barring troops in uniform from participating in political events.

Brazil's most powerful gang is going international — here's how First Capital Command rose to power

First Capital Command got its start in Brazil's prisons. Now it's making its mark in prisons in neighboring Paraguay.

Warren Buffett's son is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to help Colombia break its cocaine habit

Howard Buffett's foundation has pledged to spend $200 million in the next few years to transform one of Colombia's biggest cocaine-producing regions.

What it's like to learn how to drive a Stryker armored vehicle from the Army's master drivers

"You have to really pay attention ... during maintenance because there are a lot of moving pieces and these vehicles can break down fast."

Union gunboats roaming the Mississippi during the Civil War didn't just attack the Confederate military

During the Civil War, huge metal monsters roamed the Mississippi River, carrying 75 tons of armor, up to 13 guns, and crews as big as 250 men.

The Marine Corps is moving all its special operators to North Carolina

The Corps plans to save time and money by moving about 900 Marines, sailors and civilians to Camp Lejeune by the end of 2022.

Russia says it's alarmed after a US Air Force visit to a remote Norwegian island in the Arctic

After a visit by Air Force personnel to Jan Mayen Island in November, Russia is urging Oslo to refrain from what it called de-stabilizing moves.

How movies and TV shows hide when they're not firing real bullets

Film and television crews fire blanks, just like troops in training do, but they have some ingenious ways of hiding that fact.

How the Navy pumps 1.3 million gallons of fuel into an aircraft carrier without ever pulling into port

"The primary mission of an aircraft carrier is to fly aircraft, and we need to be able to replenish the jet fuel without having to pull in port."

After decades of failure, the US must get out of the war in Afghanistan before one more American is killed

Opinion: Recent US casualties in Afghanistan have underscored what's been clear for some time: The US war there is unwinnable.

The Army is offering some Green Berets up to $100,000 to stay in service

The Army is competing with the high-paying jobs that experienced Special Forces soldiers can command outside the military.

The Air Force's very first 'Compass Call' aircraft is retiring after 37 years of electronic warfare

EC-130H "Compass Call" aircraft are specially modified to disrupt enemy communications and coordination.

A Navy carrier air wing commander became one of the few pilots to achieve 1,200 career carrier landings

Landing on a carrier is no easy feat. Doing it 1,200 times is something only a handful of the Navy's best fliers have ever accomplished.

Trump wants to cut foreign aid again, and it could cost Americans in the long run

The fact that Trump keeps proposing cuts, despite pushback from Congress, indicates he really does not support foreign aid.

The Pentagon wants to spend $21.3 billion on bombs next year — here's what it plans to buy

The military wants to buy fewer bombs for fights in Afghanistan and Iran and focus on high-end weapons needed in a clash with Russia or China.

The Pentagon wants to 'civilianize' military hospitals and take uniformed doctors out of the mix

The Defense Department's 2021 budget request continues reforms to the military health system that began in 2017.

20 Oscar winners who were also veterans

Among the many actors who've been honored with Academy Awards over the years, there are some veterans who've served with distinction while in uniform.

Chinese citizens are challenging the official narrative about the coronavirus, and Beijing is going after them

Chinese citizen journalists are using social media to report on the coronavirus outbreak on the ground, and Beijing is trying to clamp down on them.

The Army wants $111 million to finally roll out its Next Generation Squad Weapon by 2023

This year's budget request includes more than double what the Army got last year for its new rifle.

The Air Force wants to send more than 100 aircraft to the 'boneyard' in order to buy future fighters

By scrapping older aircraft sooner than planned, the Air Force can free up some $4.1 billion for investments now, the service says.

F-22 and F-35A fighters teamed up for the first time to take on F-16s in Hawaii

The F-16s played the role of adversaries during air-to-air and air-to-surface combat training at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

Journalist who survived an assassination attempt confronts Mexico's president: 'They are killing us'

Since 2000, 131 journalists have been killed in Mexico, making it the second-most-dangerous country in the world for journalists, after Syria.

A member of SEAL Team 6 was found guilty of trying to catfish a woman

The highly decorated SEAL was sentenced to 30 days in the brig, a reduction in rank, and forfeiting $500 from his pay for three months.

Desperate residents in Mexico's heroin heartland are using kids with guns to send a message to cartels and the government

The move by the villagers to offer arms training to school-age children shocked the nation and made global headlines last month.

4 things Congress and the Pentagon could clash over in the next budget

The Trump administration will deliver its budget proposals the Defense Department and other agencies to Congress on Monday.

The coronavirus crisis is putting China's military to the test

Even after decades of economic growth, China's civilian health system is not able to meet demand, one analyst says

How a crew flying the Air Force's biggest plane landed safely after aircraft warnings and a medical emergency

A crew flying a C-5M Super Galaxy tackled an unscripted chain of events and challenges during an unscheduled flight in January.

Why Trump's aggressive foreign policy hasn't backfired — yet

Backlash takes time to develop, which is why it's premature to say Trump has definitely avoided the worst-case scenario for his actions abroad.

Russia is stalking US satellites in orbit, a NATO general warns

"Until now, space was considered by everybody as a safe haven," the general said said. "It's not the case anymore."

US Special Operations Command is looking for light attack aircraft to keep watch on ground troops

US special operators want aircraft to provide close air support, precision strikes, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Meet the 'Backbone of the Navy': The sailors who keep things running aboard the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln

There are hundreds of jobs aboard an aircraft carrier, but there's one group of sailors who make many of them possible.

7 helpful habits you lose as soon as you leave the military

The regimented lifestyle of the military doesn't last long when troops go back to life in the civilian world.

US Air Force special operators went to Alaska to practice refueling F-22s in extreme cold weather for the first time

Using FARPs, as they're known, at airfields in austere or remote locations, can increase the Air Force's ability to operate in contested environments.

Trump announces that a US operation has killed the al-Qaida leader who claimed responsibility for Naval Air Station Pensacola shooting

"We will continue to protect the American people by tracking down and eliminating terrorists who seek to do us harm," Trump said.

The number of US troops who say they've seen racism in the ranks jumped to more than one-third in 2019

Troops polled by Military Times?saw white nationalists as a greater threat than domestic terrorism with a connection to Islam or immigration.

The Marines are looking at a new laser-guided artillery round that can hit moving targets

Raytheon added a semi-active laser seeker to its new Excalibur S round in order to target moving targets on land and water.

US troops have been squaring off with Russian contractors in Syria

Russia has violated de-confliction agreements in Syria, and the encounters are raising concerns about sparking a broader war.

US soldiers put their tanks to the test on rain-soaked terrain in Germany

"The mud was a big obstacle, but luckily we didn't throw or break a track," one tank driver after the exercise.

The US is ramping up its challenges to China's claims in the South China Sea

US warships have been sending China a message in the South China Sea, and 2019 was their busiest year yet.

The 3 most confusing days of your military career

There are certain days in a military career that will always be shrouded mystery and confusion.

Here's what 2020 could have in store for the criminal groups dominating Mexico

Over the past decade, the criminal groups driving bloodshed in Mexico have changed in form and power. Here's what the next year could bring for them.

Woman arrested after asking to speak with 'Agent Penis' at CIA headquarters was arrested after going to the CIA again

There were no new charges filed this time, but she did get a written warning to stay away from CIA property.

Air Force Global Strike Command tested another ICBM by launching it across the Pacific

The unarmed Minuteman II missile flew 4,200 miles across the Pacific, reach Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

8 maps explain how ISIS has spread even after its defeat in Iraq and Syria

A multinational coalition defeated ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but the terrorist group is not gone — in fact, its influence has spread.

Here's what life is like in Wuhan, China, amid the coronavirus outbreak

Residents are ground-zero for the coronavirus outbreak are trying to get on with life amid a virtual lockdown.

The Navy just flew 2 electronic-warfare jets like drones in a first-of-its-kind experiment

Air Force officials are working on a relatively simple concept: connect multi-platform weapons into a large comprehensive network using shared data.
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