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BI Prime Tech 2020-06-04T00:56:59Z

A diversity consultant says real change may hit the tech industry due to the George Floyd protests and the coronavirus crisis. Silicon Valley hasn't changed much after past scrutiny, but this time could be different.

The tech industry has long resisted addressing its racial and diversity problems. ReadySet CEO Y-Vonne Hutchinson thinks this time is different.
Tech 2020-06-03T18:15:41Z

YouTube is now a money-making machine, but the platform's early success was fueled by group of 'misfits' who wrote the rulebook for internet fame

Fifteen years ago, YouTube's earliest creators helped to usher in a new generation of celebrities and laid the groundwork for today's influencers.
Media 2020-06-03T15:51:25Z

'A responsibility to speak out': YouTube star Eva Gutowski on what influencers and brands can do to support Black Lives Matter

Gutowski has 11 million subscribers on YouTube and she shared her thoughts on how influencers can use their platforms responsibly.
BI Prime Media 2020-06-03T12:35:00Z

Brands and influencers are stopping their marketing campaigns to focus on messaging around the George Floyd protests

Brands are halting influencer campaigns to avoid tone deafness on social media during a week of widespread protests.
Entertainment 2020-06-02T21:40:19Z

'Just Mercy' is now free to stream through June to help educate people on systemic racism

You can rent "Just Mercy" for free on several streaming services — including Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Google Play — all month.
Media 2020-06-02T03:04:00Z

THE STORIES REPORT: How brands can take advantage of the viral growth of the Stories format

Business Insider Intelligence identifies the most popular platforms for Stories, best practices for engagement, and challenges hindering adoption.
BI Prime Tech 2020-06-01T17:44:09Z

The untold story of Google's $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube, from those who lived it

Business Insider spoke with early employees, investors, and founders about the months and weeks leading up to YouTube's landmark sale.
Tech 2020-06-01T13:43:22Z

Read the memo Apple CEO Tim Cook sent to employees addressing the death of George Floyd

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a memo to staff addressing the issue of racial inequality and discrimination in the US.
Tech 2020-06-01T12:30:00Z

15 YEARS OF YOUTUBE: A look back at YouTube's founding, its acquisition by Google, and how the platform launched a multibillion dollar industry for creators

As YouTube turns 15, read how the site went from a rat-infested office to a multibillion-dollar company that redefined entertainment.
Tech 2020-06-01T11:48:14Z

YouTube has pledged $1 million in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters, but critics note the site has allowed white supremacist videos for years

YouTube's announcement drew backlash from people pointing out the platform's history of allowing racist and white supremacist videos.
Tech 2020-05-30T15:00:00Z

YouTube is 15 years old. Here's a timeline of how YouTube was founded, its rise to video behemoth, and its biggest controversies along way

YouTube was founded 15 years ago as a failed video-dating website. Since then, its grown into a juggernaut for hosting and sharing billions of videos.
Tech 2020-05-30T12:30:00Z

5 ways to watch SpaceX's historic first rocket launch of NASA astronauts live online

SpaceX will broadcast live video of its first human mission, called Demo-2, but so will NASA, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and more.
Tech 2020-05-29T22:10:19Z

Google is giving away its Nest Mini smart speaker — here's how to see if you're eligible to get one

If you subscribe to YouTube Premium or YouTube Premium Music, here's how to get your free Google Nest Mini.
Transportation 2020-05-29T20:59:00Z

SpaceX's latest Starship rocket prototype just exploded during an engine test

SpaceX's previous Starship prototypes burst during fuel-tank testing, but the fourth prototype exploded during an operation to test-fire its engine.
Tech 2020-05-29T18:37:32Z

Only 2 of YouTube's earliest employees are still at the company —?here's what YouTube's first 10 employees are up to now

YouTube has come a long way since 2005.?Back then, YouTube had only 10 employees, plus cofounders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.
Tech 2020-05-29T18:20:00Z

The first video uploaded to YouTube, 15 years ago, shows one of the cofounders at the zoo — watch the clip here

The 18-second video of cofounder Jawed Karim is simple, but it forged a historic path for billions of online videos to come.
BI Prime Media 2020-05-29T18:00:00Z

A new report reveals the 10 brands that spent the most on sponsored YouTube videos last quarter

Epic Games, behind popular games like "Fortnite," was the highest-spending brand for YouTube sponsored videos, according to a new report.
Tech 2020-05-29T14:59:43Z

These are the videos that changed YouTube forever, from 'Lazy Sunday' to 'Baby Shark'

More than 500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. But there are some videos that have had long-standing impacts.
Tech 2020-05-29T14:54:54Z

7 early YouTubers reveal the moments they knew they made it big

From getting stopped on the street to being invited on talk shows, some of YouTube's earliest creators explain when it hit them they were stars.

What's behind the Trump campaign's winning online strategy — and why it's been so effective

We spent a week deep inside the Trump campaign's efficient, integrated data-mining machine. Here's what it was like.
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